Welcome to Gotier Siamese Siamese kittens available now:
We breed only the 4 basic colors & happily accept advance reservations.
Our pet price is: $695.00 plus vetting cost. Also add shipping airfare with related expenses if required.
Champion Gotier Clementine
Gotier Siamese represent decades of careful breeding and 43 years of blending our foundation American Siamese with the imported bloodlines of 18 Australian, British and New Zealand Siamese resulting in our unique gene pool.

We of Gotier Siamese are pleased to announce that we are working with our 28th generation of Gotier Siamese representing years of careful selection as we try to work with cats who will contribute to the betterment of the Siamese breed. Gotier Siamese of today reflect the result of these many years of introducing purebred imported Siamese to strengthen the Siamese gene pool. Since we stress that our adults must be genetically compatible we are always looking forward to Gotier kittens being born as they are sturdy and mentally sound.

Gotier Siamese is working with our two latest pure bred, imported Siamese from Australia, Jangar Uluru of Gotier has been busy, soon there will be more of his kittens born. More good news his litter sister is now CFA Champion Jangar Aurora Australis of Gotier, seal point Siamese female. Our two new Australian Imports have grown up and have both proven to be good sound additions. Kittens available.

Our new Australian Import Siamese are purebred, CFA registered, one sweeter than the next, both exhibit fine type, they are sturdy and full of themselves plus their color is great. This year we will be selling their kittens to responsible homes as breeders and pets. As always we invite inquires and we accept deposits when the kittens are 6 weeks old.

We learned a long time ago that a variety of different cattery names does not make an "out cross," rather it is the genetic divergence within any pedigree that helps keep the breed foundation strong.

A rich genetic divergence contributes to functional, happy and healthy kittens to enrich the lives of those with whom they are eventually placed whether as pets or additions to a breeding program. It is what we cannot see that is important when you acquire a Gotier Siamese, in other words it is what is inside that counts, "pretty is as pretty does."

For well over 42 years now Gotier Siamese has integrated divergent genetic lines and we have worked with Siamese breeders of international catteries, to mention a few: Azuli Siamese, Jangar Siamese, Mirra Siamese of Australia, VON DEN THANGELS Siamese of Switzerland, from England/UK we have worked with Chamrone, Sinope, Lovinamist, Cymbeline, Sharve and Kaloke Siamese lines, from New Zealand we integrated the Montpelier and Tellassee Siamese lines, from the USA we started so many years ago with Siamese acquired from the Fenway, Singa, Diece, Sia Mews, Thaibok, Purr Du, and Katsura lines. More recently we began working with breeders of the Tanari-Cats Siamese, Blue Isles Siamese, and Jaysun Siamese here in the USA. So as you can see when a Gotier Siamese joins your cattery you truly are getting a variety of Siamese lines genetically blended to preserve diversity and better the breed

All inquires are welcome and will receive a prompt reply and thank you for visiting our web site.

Henri Pelletier
John R. Goterch, deceased, 01/17/1954 - 02/07/2004 Now in Glory where he suffers no more.
304 SW 13 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315
E-mail: Gotier2@aol.com

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Gotier January Song En Chocolat
Gotier Wanekia Weeko, alias: "G"
Gotier Tip Tap Toe en Jazz
Tanari-cats Piquet Noire Of Gotier
Champion Gotier Mi Mystique
Gotier Merlin
Gotier Versailles
Jangar Uluru of Gotier
Gotier Red Cloud en Jazz
Champion Gotier The Renaissance Man

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